Welcome to Hazel Green
Animal Hospital & Pet Resort

Hazel Green Animal Hospital & Pet Resort of Hazel Green, Alabama provides a full range of veterinary care, from medicine and surgery for your dog or cat, to specialized boarding care for your pet. Founding veterinarian Dr. Wilson W. McManus has always believed in providing the most progressive level of care for your pet, from custom vaccination and wellness care, to the most complete diagnostics and treatment options--when your pet is hurting or sick. When your pet needs our help, the vets and staff of Hazel Green are dedicated to researching and providing what is best for your pet. We offer the most current options in medication from our custom-order pharmacy, the safest anesthesia monitoring protocol in our surgical ward, and much more.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hazel Green Animal Hospital is to provide top notch care for your furry family members. Our doctors and staff are easily accessible and passionate about quality medicine for your loved ones.